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There are a record number of scammers operating these days. In Fact, scammers started selling AfrikaBurn 2023 tickets before us.

Please heed the advice below, and don’t obtain a ticket any other way.

AfrikaBurn is unfortunately not in a position to help you out with another ticket if you get scammed. If you choose not to follow the exact process below you’ll likely lose your money and you’ll miss the Burn and that’s going to hurt. 

All tickets on Viagogo are fake or old vehicle passes. Don't buy from them. Just Google to see what people say about them ... It's bad.
We block and ban hundreds of scammers online. But they're like a nasty rash and keep coming back. It might look like a nice lovely soccer mom has changed her mind, but it's unlikely to be true!


You are looking to buy a ticket but have not found one to buy, or you don’t know anyone who is selling one – what do you do?

Scroll down the list of ticket types available on Quicket and click on the word “click for secondary sale” below the ticket type you’d prefer to buy. If there are tickets available, you’ll find them there, if there aren’t, there won’t be anything on sale.

Check back regularly to see if any become available.


You are looking to buy a ticket, and you have found someone who is selling their ticket, however this person is not a close acquaintance of yours – what do you do?

If the seller refuses to sell you their ticket via the resale ticket function on Quicket, chances are they do not have a legitimate AfrikaBurn ticket, or they are hoping to sell the ticket for more than what they bought it for, which is not in line with the AfrikaBurn ethos.

You risk being scammed if you choose to go ahead with the sale.

You request that the ticket seller puts their ticket up for private resale on the Quicket platform. The benefit for them is that the money transfer is secure as it is done via Quicket. The benefit for you, is that the barcode on the original ticket is cancelled and a new bar coded ticket is issued to you, which means the seller won’t be able to use the original ticket to check into the event before you get there. It also confirms that the seller legitimately has a genuine AfrikaBurn ticket on Quicket. If they didn’t, they’d be unable to use the resale function on Quicket as their “ticket” wouldn’t exist on the Quicket system.

Send the seller this link which explains to them step by step how to load their ticket up for private resale.


You are looking to buy a ticket, and you have found a close acquaintance, someone you know and trust, who is willing to sell you their ticket – what do you do?

If you are happy to do the exchange of money privately, because you know and trust the person selling/buying a ticket from you, then you can use the Ticket Transfer function on Quicket.

The Ticket Transfer function cancels the barcode of the original ticket and issues a new barcoded ticket to you once the transfer has been completed. This means the original ticket cannot be used to gain access to the event, as the barcode will not be recognised.

Send the ticket seller this link, which gives them a step by step instruction on how to Transfer the ticket over to you. 

This is the ONLY way you'll be able to Re-Buy a ticket to AfrikaBurn 2023 once they have sold out.

Please be careful out there – scammers will try absolutely anything to get you to part with your hard earned money. Don’t feel pressured to purchase anything, the lovely Quicket support team are always available to help you with any questions or queries you might have.

Get in touch with them if you are unsure about the legitimacy of the ticket you are about to purchase.

We encourage you to practice civic responsibility and buy or sell your ticket via the above methods so that collectively we can try and prevent any more of our community from being scammed.



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