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Post Event Needs & Information Survey 2023

Thank you for taking part in AfrikaBurn this year. While it's still fresh in your mind we'd love you to let us know how your trip to SPACE was by completing this survey.

This survey has been designed to be as simple as possible, while covering every aspect of AfrikaBurn 2023.

Please note that all feedback will remain anonymous but if you’re uncomfortable with any questions, please feel free to skip them.

This survey can take up to 30 minutes to complete, so grab a purple SPACE pancake, put on your thinking helmet, and grab a moment to let us know how it all went down. We know how tricky it is to find 30 minutes in anti-gravity these days, but your feedback helps make everything in Tankwa Town better, not just for you, but for every citizen of Tankwa Town.

You can continue this form even if your internet dies. The data will remain on the screen and it will submit when you re-connect to the internet (in most cases).
Additionally, you can save and resume your survey - this allows you to come back and complete it within 30 days. Go to the footer or ending of this form and click 'Save and resume later.'


About You…

Please note that all your demographic information remains private, and none of this information will be used, excepting the aggregation of data.