AfrikaBurn 2025: 28 April to 4 May


Before time, when silence was yet unbroken, there was SPACE, an incalculable expanse of possibility that lay in patient anticipation for a spark of inception. From this void sprung a symphony of existence; a creative catalyst set the stage of Quaggafontein for the biggest bang there ever was …


Photos: Tiaan van Deventer

If I, this mortal shell, am going to die, let me at least live on through my creations.

CREATION is an inherently dynamic process, born from our principle of Immediacy. Being present in the moment, adapting, innovating, and transforming the raw materials of our thoughts and emotions into something tangible and meaningful – focusing on the value of the experience and the process of creation rather than the result.

The wise among us know that creation is not perfect and that we are all prone to mistakes.

‘Creation’ extends our experience beyond the tangible; creating connections and a sense of community. From the ethereal to the earthly, from the immensity of galaxies to the intimacy of our shared experiences, we recognise that Creation is not a solitary act but one in concert.

I hand

We invite you: the makers, the dreamers, the cosmic explorers, to journey with us to the sands of Quaggafontein, to the heart of Creation. From the majesty of larger-than-life art to the intimate whispers of a desert wind, every moment at AfrikaBurn has the potential for creation. Here, amidst the dust, let us ignite the spark of the cosmos that resides within each of us. Let us become the architects of future dreams, shaping the Karoo sands into temples of imagination and palaces of the mind.

CREATION. Word.  Sound.  Power

What was the sound that rang our world into being?

What of the water that birthed us amidst the dust, did our feet remember with each stomp and dance?

And as the fire embers scattered up in the galaxy of stars, did we look up into the universal eye?

Did we return eMbo each time? Did we meet ourselves out there?

Did we find our source code, our shadows, our clan, our kind?

In the beginning.

In our awakening.

In our return.

Silently our hearts crackled around each temple burnt.

We are the moving ones. We are the mystical creators, the holders of it all.

We are the Emergent beings that raise structures of love, light and inspiration.

We are the returning ones.

Sindy Dondolo

Theme flow chart

I see creativity as a way to achieve a sense of intensified being, and therefore identity.

We are made of stardust.

We are the universe coming to know itself.

We are Creation.


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